There are a number of mailing lists available for those interested in Topographica. Click on each one for information about signing up to the list, unsubscribing, or accessing the list archives.

Mailing list for announcing significant releases and other important news. Should have very low traffic, and will not clog your inbox, and is thus suitable for anyone interested in Topographica.
Mailing list for members of the Topographica development team. Relatively low traffic, except for occasional short bursts of discussion.
Mailing list announcing changes made to any Topographica file in the Git repository. Very high traffic (sometimes several emails per day), and likely to be of interest only for active developers.

Posting to these lists is restricted to Topographica developers. Users wishing to communicate with Topographica developers or other users should create GitHub Issues, e.g. for discussing problems, reporting bugs, or requesting new features. For information on how to track down problems and how to file effective bug reports, please see our guidelines for Reporting specific problems with Topographica.