Installing Topographica with version controlΒΆ

Version control allows you to keep up to date with the latest changes made by other developers, and allows you to keep track of your own changes. Topographica’s source code is held in a central Git repository on; the repository contains the files making up Topographica itself (including its documentation). Please see the Topographica github homepage for instructions for installing via Git. Once installed, you can check that Topographica is working as expected by running nosetests within the topographica directory, for the simple and fast unit tests, or make slow-tests, for the more comprehensive but slower tests. If you do the tests on a machine without a functioning DISPLAY, such as a remote text-only session, there will be some warnings about GUI tests being skipped. You can also check the test output from the latest automatic builds at our `bautomatic tests page`_, to see if the latest version is working well on a specific platform.

Please bear in mind that most of Topographica’s development occurs under Linux, so if you have a choice, Linux (e.g. via a virtual machine) is the best-supported option. On the other hand, we welcome contributions from Mac and Windows developers, who can help detect and solve platform-specific issues.