Translating UNIX commands to WindowsΒΆ

The Windows equivalent of ‘the shell’ is its ‘Command Prompt’. The easiest way to start this is by clicking on ‘Start’, then ‘Run’, then typing cmd, then clicking ‘Ok’.

To convert UNIX shell commands to Windows Command Prompt commands:

  • Replace ~ in a path with the path to your user profile folder (%HOMEPATH%)
  • Replace ~/Documents in a path with the path to your Documents (Windows Vista or later) or My Documents folder (e.g. ~/Documents/Topographica might become "%HOMEPATH%\My Documents\Topographica")
  • Replace any forward slash ‘/‘ in a path with a backslash ‘\
  • Single quotes (') must appear inside double quotes ("); double quotes cannot appear inside single quotes
  • Filenames on Windows usually need double quotes, because the paths often contain spaces (e.g. “My Documents” or “Program Files”)

Example UNIX command:

topographica -g ~/Documents/Topographica/examples/lissom_oo_or.ty

Windows Vista or later equivalent:

topographica -g “%HOMEPATH%DocumentsTopographicaexampleslissom_oo_or.ty”