Source code for topo.plotting.plotfilesaver

File saving routines for plots.

Typically called using save_plotgroup in commands/, but these
objects can also be instantiated explicitly, to save a series of plots.

import Image
import numpy

import param
from param import normalize_path

import topo

# Consider using PIL's ImageFont module

[docs]class PlotGroupSaver(param.Parameterized): """ Allows a PlotGroup to be saved as a set of bitmap files on disk. """ file_format = param.String(default="png",doc=""" Bitmap image file format to use.""") filename_prefix = param.String(default="",doc=""" Optional prefix that can be used in the filename_format command to disambiguate different simulations or conditions.""") filename_suffix = param.String(default="",doc=""" Optional suffix that can be used in the filename_format command to disambiguate different simulations or conditions.""") filename_format = param.String(default= "%(filename_prefix)s%(basename)s_%(plot_label)s%(filename_suffix)s.%(file_format)s",doc=""" Format string to use for generating filenames for plots. This string will be evaluated in the context of a dictionary that defines various items commonly used when generating filenames, including:: basename: the default sim.basename(), usually name+time() time: the current simulation time (topo.sim.time()) sim_name: the name of the current simulation ( plot_label: the label specfied in the PlotGroup for this plot file_format: the bitmap image file format for this type of plot plotgroup_name: the name of this PlotGroup """) # Should move this out of plotfilesaver to get the same filenames in the GUI. # Should also allow each template in topo/command/ to have a nice # short filename format, perhaps as an option. def __init__(self,plotgroup,**params): super(PlotGroupSaver,self).__init__(**params) self.plotgroup = plotgroup
[docs] def strip(self,filename): """Strip inappropriate characters from a filename.""" return filename\ .replace('\n','_')\ .replace('\t','_')\ .replace(' ','_')\ .replace('&','And')
[docs] def filename(self,label,**params): """Calculate a specific filename from the filename_format.""" varmap = dict(self.get_param_values()) varmap.update(self.__dict__) varmap['basename']= topo.sim.basename() varmap['sim_name']= varmap['time']=topo.sim.time() varmap['plot_label']=label varmap['plotgroup_name'] varmap.update(params) return self.strip(self.filename_format % varmap)
def save_to_disk(self,**params): for p,l in zip(self.plotgroup.plots,self.plotgroup.labels):,**params))) # Could move this elsewhere if it will be useful. # # Adapted from: #
[docs]def make_contact_sheet(imgs, (marl,mart,marr,marb), padding): """ Make a contact sheet (image grid) from a 2D array of PIL images:: imgs 2D array of images marl The left margin in pixels mart The top margin in pixels marr The right margin in pixels marb The bottom margin in pixels padding The padding between images in pixels Returns a PIL image object. """ # should make sure imgs is numpy array # CB: *** should do this in numpy without the conversion to list and back! *** nrows,ncols = imgs.shape i_widths = numpy.array([i.size[0] for i in imgs.ravel()]).reshape(nrows,ncols) i_heights = numpy.array([i.size[1] for i in imgs.ravel()]).reshape(nrows,ncols) col_widths = i_widths.max(axis=0) row_heights = i_heights.max(axis=1) marw = marl+marr marh = mart+ marb padw = (ncols-1)*padding padh = (nrows-1)*padding isize = (col_widths.sum()+marw+padw, row_heights.sum()+marh+padh) # Create the new image. The background doesn't have to be white. white = (255,255,255) inew ='RGB',isize,white) # CB: should be replaced with a more numpy technique. for irow in range(nrows): for icol in range(ncols): # if different widths in a col, or different heights in a # row, each image will currently just go at top left # defined by largest in col/row (should be centered # instead) left = marl+col_widths[0:icol].sum()+icol*padding right = left+i_widths[irow,icol] upper = mart+row_heights[0:irow].sum()+irow*padding lower = upper+i_heights[irow,icol] inew.paste(imgs[irow,icol],(left,upper,right,lower)) return inew
[docs]class CFProjectionPlotGroupSaver(PlotGroupSaver): """ Allows a CFProjectionPlotGroup to be saved as a bitmap file, concatenating all the CF plots into a single image. """ def save_to_disk(self,**params): imgs = numpy.array([p.bitmap.image for p in self.plotgroup.plots], dtype=object).reshape( self.plotgroup.proj_plotting_shape) img = make_contact_sheet(imgs, (3,3,3,3), 3)"_"+,**params)))