topo.topo Package

topo Package

Topographica cortical map simulator package.

Topographica is designed as a collection of packages from which elements can be selected to model specific systems. For more information, see the individual subpackages:

base           - Core Topographica functions and classes
plotting       - Visualization functions and classes
analysis       - Analysis functions and classes (besides plotting)
tkgui          - Tk-based graphical user interface (GUI)
command        - High-level user commands
misc           - Various useful independent modules

The Topographica primitives library consists of a family of classes that can be used with the above functions and classes:

sheet          - Sheet classes: 2D arrays of processing units
projection     - Projection classes: connections between Sheets
pattern        - PatternGenerator classes: 2D input or weight patterns
transferfn     - Transfer functions, for e.g. normalization or squashing
responsefn     - Calculate the response of a Projection
learningfn     - Adjust weights for a Projection
coordmapper    - CoordinateMapperFn classes: map coords between Sheets

Each of the library directories can be extended with new classes of the appropriate type, just by adding a new .py file to that directory. E.g. new PatternGenerator classes can be added to pattern/, and will then show up in the GUI menus as potential input patterns.